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1.6 million what ifs



What if this isn’t the end of something, but the start? What if, a year from now, 1.6 million people descended on Faslane to kick out nukes? What if 1.6 million people moved their savings into a new ethical, green Scottish bank? What if 1.6 million people said “no” to fracking in Scotland? What if […]

Post #Indyref “to do” list



I thought a “to do” list might cheer me up this morning…

ReforestNation Launch at Wiston Lodge



This weekend I helped launched a new project at the first Nonstuff Festival at Wiston Lodge. ReforestNation aims to buy and replace monoculture plantation woodlands with healthy deciduous forests in Southern Scotland – and help build community in the process. We want our project to be both environmentally and economically sustainable, so we aim to […]

Why this new Anglo-Scottish family will be voting YES



During the independence debate we have heard from some political commentators, such as Jeremy Paxman, that the steady rise in support for a yes vote represents a surge in anti-English sentiment. It’s one of the arguments I have found hardest to swallow, since it clashes with what we as an English family living in Scotland […]

Video – Magical Woodland Walk



Rowanbank is an environmental consultancy that takes an innovative and creative approach to teaching young people about nature. Every year they create a magical woodland walk in Craiglockhart woods, a treasure hunt with vivid characters perched in trees and flying through the air on a trapeze. To create a dreamlike quality, this film was shot […]

The 22 – a new collaborative radio studio in Edinburgh



Over the last few weeks something very exciting has been taking shape in Argyle House, a giant former government building in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle. In this unusual building, a group of independent producers, community radio makers, retired broadcasters, poets, sound artists, freelance journalists, writers and podcasters have come together to work on a […]

Timelapse Project on the Edinburgh Innertube



I recently began a new project to gather timelapse films of the city’s many off-road cycle routes for the Edinburgh Innertube Map project. So far I’ve mainly been shooting shots of rush-hour traffic at dusk on the Union Canal, which is close to where I live. I’m been making a lot of mistakes, but also […]


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