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Video – Magical Woodland Walk



Rowanbank is an environmental consultancy that takes an innovative and creative approach to teaching young people about nature. Every year they create a magical woodland walk in Craiglockhart woods, a treasure hunt with vivid characters perched in trees and flying through the air on a trapeze. To create a dreamlike quality, this film was shot […]

The 22 – a new collaborative radio studio in Edinburgh



Over the last few weeks something very exciting has been taking shape in Argyle House, a giant former government building in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle. In this unusual building, a group of independent producers, community radio makers, retired broadcasters, poets, sound artists, freelance journalists, writers and podcasters have come together to work on a […]

Timelapse Project on the Edinburgh Innertube



I recently began a new project to gather timelapse films of the city’s many off-road cycle routes for the Edinburgh Innertube Map project. So far I’ve mainly been shooting shots of rush-hour traffic at dusk on the Union Canal, which is close to where I live. I’m been making a lot of mistakes, but also […]

Sunday Herald Exclusive – disabled and sick face unpaid work programs



This week I did my first collaborative project with fellow journalist Peter Geoghegan, and we nailed a great story, getting the front-page lead story and a double page spread in the Sunday Herald – my first article for the paper. It’s about how the Government’s controversial mandatory work program is, from tomorrow, being extended to […]

Interview with Stuart Murdoch from Belle and Sebastian



Stuart Murdoch is BEST known as the lead singer and songwriter of indie pop band Belle and Sebastian, whose wistful songs have earned them a cult following in the UK and abroad. If your a fan of Murdoch’s music, you’ll know that they’re full of often melancholic stories of young life and love, with well […]

Two new radio pieces about Margo MacDonald’s assisted suicide bill



Campaigners from across Europe gathered at the Royal Society of Edinburgh last Friday to mark European Right to Die Day, and to launch Margo MacDonald’s Assisted Suicide Bill. This is MacDonald’s second attempt to change the law – her first proposal in 2010 was heavily defeated, by 85 votes to 16. But with recent high […]

Making Contact: Co-ops on the Rise



Earlier this year I spent a month in the north of Spain visiting eco-villages in the mountains, and also making a radio piece about the world’s largest worker owned co-operative, the Mondragon Corporation, based in the Basque Country in Spain. And now you can hear it! The report was for an upbeat American radio program […]


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